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Little Cover I quickly did, nothing special. But that’s one of my Book on Wattpad.

If you don’t know what WattPad I’ll just sum it up a bit…. it’s a website where you can post your stories. A whole bunch of people are on it and you just post whatever you write and people get to see it. I have to admit it’s tough as everything is, getting people to read your work. People are most likely to read Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher, or J.Sterling just released books than other people. Which is all cool because I do the same.But I have learned that it makes it difficult for people to come out with their book and it be somewhat successful (Believe me I know). Unless you are those ladies, or have a bunch of sex in the book or a cover with a hot guy, it’s hard to be spread.

Anyways I’m off topic lol…..WattPad is where young and older people post stories. It ranges from Poetry to FanFiction…Dystopian to Sci-Fi…It’s quite amazing and that where my books are. They are in the process, you don’t have to go post crazy just put a chapter up every other day or so.

So I hope you do check out WattPad and read my books, believe me they aren’t long because I’m still in the process.

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Mud Vein

Book Review: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher (standalone)

Writing: 5
Plot: 2
Climax: 2
Character Development: 3.9
Wow Factor: 2
Overall: 2.5

So that’s the face I had when I started and that’s the face I had when I finished it.

I dont know, maybe it’s because I had such High Exceptions that I am disappointed in or the fact that the #facesofmudvein pictures had me thinking I was going to Ball My Eyes Out. BUT nothing happened. I was waiting and reading patiently for something anything to happen and it just didn’t. There was SOOOOOOOO much potential in this novel but it seriously fell flat…..Like FlatLine……and I hate that I’m saying that because I really really wanted to love it.

Overall it dragged for me. Just when I thought something good was going to happen…nothing happened. Let me say that I was all sorts of confused even 80% in the book…and this is how I felt about it….

I don’t understand the hype….

Now I’m not taking away from the fact that Tarryn Fisher can write her ASS off! She’s a master writer and I know why God made her an author. I’ll always recommend her novels to other people!
But I think this novel is a Hit or Miss

Reasonable Doubt

Book review on Reasonable Doubt by:Whitney G (Volume 1)

Writing: 4.5
Plot: 5
Climax: 5
Character Development: 5
Wow Factor: 4.8
Overall: 5


OMG this book was fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE

Fucking Cliffhanger.

This book was short, shocking, HOT, amazing……It was incredible……

1. Question When does the next book comes out? Cause I need that shit like right now!

I think I have a PROBLEM

Yes, I have issues….Let me tell you why…….

I am in the process of Writing not only 4…not 5…not even 6….BUT 7 novels. What the hell is wrong with me?????????????

I need some serious help, or maybe a CLONE. Yes, 2 of me would be PERFECTION!