Why I won’t be reading Grey….

So of course we all know….well all the FSOG fans know that Mr. Grey’s POV book is being released JUNE 18th 2015. Woohoo…right?…Maybe not.


I won’t be reading the book….

Should I read to just be disappointed on reading the exact same thing from fifty shades of grey told by Anastasia Steele pov. Yes, i know there will be some different things but all around it’ll be the same thing. Right? I’m sure we will have some insight into his feeling about her, maybe his family and his druggie birth-mother. But tell me, how much difference will it be??

I read Thoughtful, POV written in Kellan Kyle’s and it was…BAD. I couldn’t even finish it. I’ve read This Girl, Pov told by Will Cooper from the Slammed series, I enjoyed it but again it’s the same thing. I didn’t bother with Jamie McGuire’s Pov told by Travis of Beautiful Disaster because again it was the same story told.

I am not going to read a pov of the same book told originally by the female and now by the males. Dual POV people!. So many of us fans wants these things and when we get them we realize that it should’ve stood as an original. It’s like making a second movie to something that was spectacular and you watch it thinking it will be EPIC and it becomes a failure.

Stop trying to make money from something that was Great. It won’t help the franchise, unless you do it differently and I don’t see how you tell the exact same story from someone’s other thought when you inserted her thoughts of him in the story being pretty damn accurate.

It would be funny if this bit me in the ass and the book is different….If I do read reviews about how different it is I will read it but with all the hype I won’t. Being included in the hype you tend to agree with someone you wouldn’t originally agree with. I like Christian Grey as a character but I just don’t see how this book will do. Plus, the cover—-could’ve been better.


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