ShadowHunters & trying to Study?!

So SHADOW HUNTER will be soon (well I say soon but it’ll be a while JANUARY)
I am loving all the photos the actors, producer, people in the show showing all the juicy things. I love the photos, I love the characters, i love the actors they choose. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!!.

I am super duper uber excited for it…Can you tell?!


Studying?! Not so good. I tried to go to the library today to study with my 3 year old!!!! Didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. He kept saying how he wanted to go home. He wanted me to read to him. He wanted to use the bathroom. He wanted to go home.

It was not good at all. I need to study for my TEAS V and I can’t with him in the room. The only thing is, he’s done with school so he is always with me. I wonder how this is going to work!!!!???!! But I WILL make it work!!!!.

Well that’s it for today….

oh Btw I am 8 chapters into my paranormal novel!!! i’m taking a small break right now from it then I am going to read it over and see how it sounds. Plus side- I love how it’s still coming out, can’t get the thought out of my head.


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