So I was thinking…Cause I do that sometimes

So I was thinking.. Cause I do that sometimes about becoming a trendy author.

I’m not say authors do this it’s just for me and my opinion. But when I write, sometimes I think I should write things with “sex” and more “sex” in them just to get recognized.
Like maybe I should write about a Billionaire, BDSM, Playboy, Fighter, Alpha, Asshole male. Then maybe some ladies will read my book.

I mean everywhere I turn it’s covers of half-naked guys…Ok don’t get me wrong Im not saying it’s bad, but is it necessary. Do I have to have a cover with 8-packs glossing my pages for someone to pick it up.

I have to admit…I can’t write sex scenes….WHY?….because there’s only so many way you can describe sex in a book. Or even spankings, or whips, or flogging, or anything.

Sex in books has become so overrated….Thumb down…..but still I feel the need to get noticed by having sex in my book. And not like OMG popular but at least maybe my book friends will read.

I feel like after FSOG which I absolutely love (keep your opinions to yourself) everything is warping into something more. It really upsets me to see someone say they love a book that has no meaning behind it just a bunch of angry-sex with an ASSHOLE of an Alpha male and a chick is scare so she’s busy running away from him when all he wants is for her to love him.

I don’t know and I think I am finally able to push past those things and make my boo for me. A paranormal romance filled with angels and demons. Filled with anger and love. Filled with fights and hugs. Yes I am writing for me because I love to do and whoever wants to read my books, I’m writing for you!

This is not to offend anyone but this is my thoughts and anyone who feels like this as an author. It;s okay ❤


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