Mud Vein

Book Review: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher (standalone)

Writing: 5
Plot: 2
Climax: 2
Character Development: 3.9
Wow Factor: 2
Overall: 2.5

So that’s the face I had when I started and that’s the face I had when I finished it.

I dont know, maybe it’s because I had such High Exceptions that I am disappointed in or the fact that the #facesofmudvein pictures had me thinking I was going to Ball My Eyes Out. BUT nothing happened. I was waiting and reading patiently for something anything to happen and it just didn’t. There was SOOOOOOOO much potential in this novel but it seriously fell flat…..Like FlatLine……and I hate that I’m saying that because I really really wanted to love it.

Overall it dragged for me. Just when I thought something good was going to happen…nothing happened. Let me say that I was all sorts of confused even 80% in the book…and this is how I felt about it….

I don’t understand the hype….

Now I’m not taking away from the fact that Tarryn Fisher can write her ASS off! She’s a master writer and I know why God made her an author. I’ll always recommend her novels to other people!
But I think this novel is a Hit or Miss


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