The Swan and The Jackal

5 Amazing Stars

This book was good it’s not even funny…….I’ve loved Fredrik from the previous books and I was EXCITED that he got his own book…..but my goodness my poor, poor Fredrik. First off I will say that the story development + the characters + the plot + the climax= MIND-FUCK

I mean here is a guy who is looking for his ex-wife so he can get even and destroy her (KILL HER) because of her betrayal, but he is having a hard-ass time finding the damn bitch -Seraphina- but instead he finds this blonde females who sorta knows where this woman is. And whats strange is that Fredrik keeps her locked up in his basement. She seems to have some sort of memory lost and so he keeps her so that she can spill the beans once she remembers.

Now when I first started to read this I was wondering why in the bloody-hell is acting so protective towards this chick who surely has nothing to do with his emotions….only finding this ex-wife of his. I found it weird the relationship development between the two…..BUT then shit takes a turn for the crazy-side and everything just starts to make sense. It totally messed me up and I love how it ended, it was what I was hoping would happen. Except I want a happy ending ending- well not happy- but I want my Fredrik to have that love.

I enjoy the different POV in the book, especially Fredrik’s because I don’t know if you want to call nuts but I just his psycho ways. The gore and the scenes in this book was right up my alley and J.A Redmerski did a superb job in detailing these scenes.

Only 2 Words

This is who I saw as Fredrik:

And My Swan:

I Recommend This To everyone!


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