Flaming Sons

Hurry Up

Class is so boring. I just want go home and play my damn guitar. Why do I need to pay attention to this garbage anyway? Why does a twelve year old need to know about Columbus and how wonderful he was? Man, that guy stole this place from the Indians and ain’t nobody teaching me otherwise. Maybe if I put my head down I can catch a nap before the next class? I cross my arms on the desktop, making a nice cushion for my head, but before I can rest someone throws something at the back of my head. What the hell? Turning around, I see my best friend, Brad, looking at his desk and ripping a piece of paper before rolling it into a ball. That jerk. When he looks up he sees me and smiles. Turning back around, I grab whatever paper I can find on my desk, ball it up, and throw it at him before he figures out what I’m doing.

Probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. With my back to the teacher, I hear his voice. “What are you doing, Chad?”

I turn to face him, leaning back on my chair. Teachers think they are so high and mighty, especially this bald, skinny, big glasses wearing teacher. I look up to the ceiling, ignoring his question. If he were looking at me then he’d already know what I was doing.

“Okay, smarty pants. Detention after school,” he snaps, stomping to his desk.

“Nothing new,” I mumble, still looking at the ceiling.

I hear him grunt, “You just got yourself another day of detention. Want to make it a week?”

“I’m shaking in my boots,” I snort, pretending to shake my hands as if I’m scared.

“Dude, shut up.” I look to Brad and find him trying to hide a smile. That jackass. The teacher doesn’t even say anything to him. He’s just staring a hole in my face. As quick as I can I grab another paper, ball it up, and aim. Right before I can throw it at Brad, he catches me square in the face, making me drop my paper to the floor.

“That’s it, the both of you, detention for a week!” Mr. Annoying yells.

Uh oh.


I count down with my fingers then point to Brad behind me, without needing to look at him.

I hear his chair back up. “That’s bullshit!” he states loudly.

Now it’s my turn to laugh. If there’s one thing teachers should know it’s that I’m a harmless asshole, but Brad, well, Brad has anger issues. He’d been held back a year, making him thirteen, but despite his youth I swear, he’s out of control. Actually, I’m surprised he hasn’t been kicked out. It doesn’t help that his father is a dick and his mother is stuck up. Brad is a tall, skinny kid, with a scare-you-in-your-boots kinda persona. He has jet-black hair that he sweeps across his face, and he wears head-to-toe black, screaming GOTH, but he isn’t. Some people have dared to call him a fag because he chooses to wear eyeliner, but that shit looks badass on him.


Brad plays the bass, something that has truly bonded us these last couple of years. Everyday after school, or shall I say after detention, we rock out and have a good time with music. There aren’t many places we can go because everywhere is always so damn crowded, so when my parents aren’t home, or his parents are in a good mood, we play there. I guess you can call music our means to sanity. I don’t know what I would be doing if it weren’t for my guitar.

Living in South California is so boring for me compared to others. The only thing I want to do is play music all day. And that’s exactly what I try to do. My father is always drunk, only ever acknowledging the fact that I live there when I play my guitar too loud. “Shut that shit off, Chad!” is his favorite thing to shout out. He’d much prefer me to go out and find him some beer. He didn’t give shit what I did. And as far as my mother is concerned…What mother?

Looking to my left, I see this girl looking just as bored as I am as she stares outside. What the heck is she looking? I try to see what has stolen her attention but all I see is swaying trees, cars, and a woman walking her dog.

“What are you looking at?” I ask her, just ‘because I’m curious. I’ve never really spoken to her before. I know her name is Sydney, but that’s it. I can never keep my mouth shut. If there’s something I want to say then I’ll say it. I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing at that moment.

She slightly moves her head toward my voice and I lose my breath.

I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m twelve, but as soon as this girls eyes find mine I know that she’s going to be important to me. She might think that I have cooties or something – isn’t that what girls think? – but I don’t care. I’ve seen her around before, but there’s something about today that has me captured.

I’ve known some sexy girls, even made out with them, but compared to her they’re nothing. She’s beautiful whereas those chicks are just stuck up. She has long, dark blonde hair that stops at the middle of her back, and she has these cute little pink lips, coated in some shiny stuff. Her eyes are a light, honey brown. The sun is hitting her face, making her white skin turn yellow from the reflection. As she looks to me she looks bored. Maybe she is used to this happening all the time with me and Brad in class, always getting in trouble, interrupting the teacher.

She seems so different from all the other girls around here though. It doesn’t seem like she follows the annoying weekly fashion trends. No, she’s just dressed in light blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt, nice and simple. There’s nothing extravagant about the way she looks, but she’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, leaving me to wonder why I’ve never paid attention to her before.

Mr. Annoying slams his hand on my desk with the pink slip, breaking my trance. I swear this teacher hates us. Just when I think she’s going to go back to looking at nothing her lips move.

“What did you say?” her soft voice asks.

Present Day – Twelve Years Later

“Baby, are you listening to me?”

I feel soft, smooth hands shaking me in my sleep. I make whining noises in my pillow, not wanting to get up. Maybe if I take my pillow and smother her she’ll stop. My inner joke makes me smile, and that smile grows when her hands travel down to my shaft. Instant hard-on.

“Oh yeah, you don’t want to get up but you wake up so easily?” she says, removing her hands.

I grab her wrist before she can let go, and she giggles. God, I love that fucking giggle. It turns me on even more than what her hand is doing, if that’s even possible.

“Baby, let go of my hand.” She tries to pull her hand from my dick but I keep it there.

“Finish what you were going to do,” I plead, throwing my other hand over my eyes.

“You’re going back to sleep?” Her voice is suddenly right next to my ear.

Removing my hand, I open my eyes enough to look into the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever looked upon. Light, honey brown. “You’re so fucking sexy, you know that?” I tell her, trying to ignore my morning breath.

She squeezes me down below, holding me captive. I can’t move. Why do females do that? That’s like our weakness, and we need our guy. He’s kinda’ important.

Leaning in close, her lips are next to my ear. Her tongue runs up my lobe, her warmth tickling me. “You tell me all the time and I love hearing it.”

She starts to move her hand up and down through my boxers. I feel my heart accelerate with each movement. A small moan escapes my throat. Her touch is ecstasy to me. You’d think the feeling would somewhat go away because we’ve been together for such a long time. But it’s the complete opposite. I can never get enough of her.

I slowly open one eye, looking into her hooded honey eyes. She has that seductive look blanketing her features that I love so much. In truth, there’s not much that I don’t love about her. Just then, she grabs the duvet and starts to pull it over her head. I can see her fiery red hair feathering over my chest, before she pulls the blanket to cover it.

With her hands on the waistband of my briefs, she tugs them, letting me know to lift up so she can pull them down. Just as I lift my ass for her there’s a loud ass bang on the door.

“Hey, fucker, hurry up! We need to get shit ready for tonight! You guys can have sex later!” Brad shouts through the door.

And just like that, Sydney pulls my briefs up, moving up my body slowly until her head peeks out from under the covers. We’re face to face. With my hands, I start at her thighs and slowly make my way up her naked body. Soft like a baby’s butt. She wiggles against my body in a playful motion.

Another loud bang.

“You heard Brad. And I know you guys are still in bed. Get the fuck up already before I drag you out of there myself.”


The perks of living with your friends.

Well, I only live with two of them. Brad, Landon and I share a small three-bedroom apartment. It has the basics; kitchen, living room and bathroom, but the reason we moved here is because there’s a large garage space where we can set up our instruments and rehearse down the block. The last place we were able to rehearse was Sydney’s basement, but her mother’s a bitch. She kept giving her shit about the music, even though she was rarely home. Fuck her and her garage.

The door starts to rattle. Those fuckers are trying to get in!

“You dicks! If you come in here I will kick your ass so bad nobody will recognize you when I’m done with you!” I shout, squeezing Sydney’s ass.

My girl is naked in my arms and nobody gets to see her but me. But those asshole are playing with me, as usual. They always like to rattle my cage. I have a short fuse, what can I say?

“Just hurry up. Sydney, please get dressed. You’re distracting him,” Landon pleads before walking away.

“Sorry!” she yells back, laughing.

I can feel her laughter in the pit of my stomach, the movements making me even harder. “You keep on wiggling like that and we’re never leaving this room,” I tell her before grabbing her lower lip and sucking it in between my teeth.

She lifts her head, looking into my eyes. The lip I had imprisoned between my teeth is now a faint shade of red from the assault. I could kiss those lips every minute of the day for the rest of my life. If we could have our lips permanently connected so I could suck, nibble and kiss those babies all day then I’d be the first in line. She sticks her tongue out, running it over my lips slowly. The barbell on her tongue is cool against my lips. I grab it between my teeth, keeping her tongue in my possession. She smiles. My little devil.

She tries to speak but because she can’t close her mouth it comes out muffled. Reluctantly, I let her go.

“Jackass. Come on, we have to get dressed before they really come in here. I don’t want them to see me naked. It hasn’t happened before and I don’t plan on it happening anytime soon.” Placing her hands on my chest, she pushes her body up.

The warmness of her breasts rises from my chest. “You mean, ‘ever.’” I’d be damned if any of them, or anybody at all for that matter, would get to see her naked. This body has been mine for so long, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

She’s mine.

Reaching up, I grab one of her large breasts in my hand. It barely fits. I squeeze it, rolling her nipple with my fingers. Her eyelids flutter as I pull on the barbell that runs through it. Fuck, she’s sexy. I don’t know how she does it, but she grabs my wrist and fiercely looks into my eyes.

“We need to stop, Link.” Oh, she said my name. Well, my nickname, but I probably get called that more than I do Chad. Her saying my name means business, both inside the bed and out. I’m trying to figure out which one means more as I continue to squeeze her nipple. She lets out a broken breath. “They’re going to come in here. You want them to see me naked and turned on?”

Fuck. I stop.

“Thanks for killing it, babe.”

She kisses me on the mouth then gets up with a smile. Her beautiful figure is on full display for me to enjoy. Her soft vanilla skin is bare, just for me, with inked colors splashed over her arms and lower back. She shakes her juicy booty at me before bending down to get her clothes from last night. I don’t let any time pass as I spring from the bed and grab her waist, pressing my still hard cock against her ass. With half her body bent, she tilts her head to look behind her, not once trying to stand up straight.

Her bright fiery hair almost touches the floor. “Seriously, you horn dog, we have to get dressed.” She smacks my legs before reaching for her bra.

Finally standing up, I back away. “Down boy,” I mumble, looking down. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon, “I’m going to have blue balls now.”

With her under garments on I know we won’t be getting it on for sure now. I’m gonna need a cold ass shower. Sitting down on the bed, I throw my body back, lying down…again.

Sydney climbs on top to straddle me. “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you later.”

“I know you will,” I agree, lightly smacking her thigh.

The banging starts up again. “Are you guys almost done? I swear to fucking G…”

“We’re almost done, Landon. Fuck off!” Sydney screams.

I can’t control the laugh that roars from me. “She told your ass off!”

“Shut the fuck up, dude. Hurry up!” With one last bang Landon walks away.

“Come and help me find my clothes before Landon or Brad bangs on the door again,” she asks, sliding off my body in search of her clothes, allowing the breeze from the open window to cross my body.

“I know what I want to bang right now,” I tease. I can never keep my thoughts to myself. Not when I’m around her. Ever.

“Well, if you don’t hurry you won’t be able to later.”

When I finally sit up she’s already dressed, well almost. She’s thrown on her black Metallica band t-shirt that fits her body like a dime and she’s pulling her pants up over her black thong. Reaching for her pants, I stop her from buttoning it. “What are you doing? You need to get dressed.”

Doing the complete opposite of what I want to do, I button her pants myself. Pulling her closer, I lift her shirt a bit then kiss her warm skin. On her hipbone she has a tattoo that reads, “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned”. How ironic for her to get that as her first tattoo. It’s one of my favorites on her body though. Running her hand over my semi-shaved head, she kisses the top of it.

“I love you,” she whispers. “Come on, we have to go. You need to get ready for your gig later.”

Looking up to her, I can’t help but smile. “Love you too. Come on then.” I give her one last kiss on her stomach before standing up to get my clothes.

Going through my dresser I find a pair of jet-black cargo shorts and an A7X black t-shirt that I slip over my head. Reaching for my Eternity cologne I spray a little on my shirt, with my hand I spread the cologne throughout the shirt noticing that the black nail polish on my nails are chipping away, guess I need to coat them again soon. I’ll do it if I have time later, but first where are my sneakers?

Syd is sitting at the edge of the bed putting on her black and white converses with her hair tossed to the side, I admire her right upper arm with color ranging from bright pink to blue to green it’s a beautiful half canvas on her arm of cherry blossoms in bloom with skies above and grass below. It’s not fully done yet, when she got the tattoo she sat for five hours while I was there holding her hands, but the pain became too much and she had to stop.

“When is your appointment for the second half of the tattoo?” I asked her as I went back to my search.

“I think in two weeks or something like that, I have to check my calendar.” She stood up fully dressed. I guess I have to wear something else, I can’t find the fuckers. “What are you looking for?”

Turning my head left and right I let her know, “my all black converses.”

Walking up to me she wrapped her arms around my neck standing on her tippy toes, “Link, they’re outside by the door, you kicked them off before we came in the room last night.”

Briefly thinking about last night I realize how correct she was, “what would I do without you?” I told her truthfully kissing her pierced studded nose. I don’t want to think what I would do without her.


“I don’t know, let’s hope that never happens.” I’m happy she still feels the same about me.

“I don’t know you might find some sexy motherfucker out there and leave me flat,” I teased her squeezing her waist.

Squinting her eyes she came back, “you’re the one in a band. There’s going to be lines of groupies just waiting to suck your dick once you’re all famous you’re not going to want me anymore once you see the chicks that are down to do just about anything you ask of them.” I know she was joking but there was some seriousness in her voice.

Being with someone for a long time you pick up on the things that they say. Me being in a band is a great thing, she loves it and she loves our music. The whole girls/groupie thing is what gets her thinking about all the negative stuff. She sees the guy when they come home with different chicks after a gig. Or they go in the public bathroom to get a quickie when we are out at a bar and someone recognizes us. I don’t want her to think I do that. I’ve had chicks come up to me ‘fans’ and tell me how much they love us then go around and have the nerve to ask, “ Can I suck your dick?” They are called whores; you don’t know what you can catch from one of them. With Syd I don’t have to worry about anything because she is down to do anything with me, so why would I need anyone else to do it.

“Baby you got me under your spell. It hasn’t changed in twelve years and it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.” I reassured her.

She just smiled and pulled away, I know she believed me but there’s still that doubt lingering inside of her. There was a bang on the door; it only banged once as I swung the door open. “Calm down assholes, we’re ready.”

Brad was standing there with a hand rolled into a fist ready to knock again, “well it’s about damn time.” He nodded towards Sydney and walked off shaking his head.

We have a gig tonight so we needed to be on the road soon. The gig is going to be an outdoor festival with a bunch of different local bands attending. The drive is going to be about five hours and we needed to set our shit up and make sure sound check was correct. Not only for us but for the other bands as well. As I was about to leave the room Sydney blocked the door with her hands pressed on the frame of the door.

I wiggled my eyebrows up and down as I admired her body. “Changed your mind baby?”

She smiled lightly shaking her head, “aren’t you forgetting something?”

I couldn’t think of anything. I shook my head taking a few steps closer to her. She placed her hands on my chest stopping me from wrapping my hands around her waist. Tipping her head somewhere behind me I turned around and saw what she was looking at. My electric guitar was propped on the side of my bed. Turning my whole body around I walked to my bed and grabbed my baby throwing the strap around my shoulder so the guitar was lying flat against my back. Going back to her she moved herself from the door so I can make my way through.

Before completely exiting I leaned close to her ear licking her lobe as Landon walked by. “You’re mines when we get back.”

Standing straight I saw her bite her lip. Releasing it she said, “I’m yours every night,” then licked her lips fully before walking to the kitchen.

Someone slapped my shoulder, “you love sick fucking puppy.” Landon appeared in front of me holding his guitar.

“Shut up.” I told him setting my guitar by all of our equipment that we would be taking with us by the door. “Did you call Matty?” Matty is our drummer, the only member of the band who doesn’t live in this apartment.

Brad appeared gathering the microphones, “yeah he’s almost ready he’ll be here in about twenty minutes or so.”

Matty is also the one who has the van only because his drums take up most of the room so he has to put that in first. We all chipped in on buying a large enough van to hold all of our equipment. It was a piece of shit when we first got it but with our artist and mechanical skills we were able to make it look like a fuckin’ beast. We painted it all black with bright orange and red flames and in graffiti tag we have the name of our band: Flaming Sons. I enjoy art, so whenever I’m not making music you can find me drawing somewhere. It was my pass time and I enjoyed everything about it. Which is why my body is filled with colors mixed with black and white ink. It was our baby, and it was taking us from our hometown in Los Angeles to San Francisco where our gig will be tonight.

Finally spotting my converse I slipped them on my feet then made my way to where the guys were in the kitchen. Sydney was sitting amongst them so I stood by her putting my hand on her shoulder. They all had a beer in their hands; Sydney took a sip of hers then handed it to me.

Brad stood there in his black wife-beater, upper arms bare until it got to the lower half. He asked me to draw characters from his favorite movie A Nightmare Before Christmas, such as Jack Skellington (which we share the same tattoo) and the surrounding characters in that movie. He also had his knuckles tattooed that read, “Stay Down.” His hair was black, shaved in the back and long in the front. The only color he wore was black; so to go with his black wife-beater he had on black skinny jeans. I have no ideas how his balls can breathe in something so tight. My guy would never be able to breath; I’d split that shit in two if I bent down. But that’s how he always was, we call ourselves soul brothers, and he’s my best friend at that. We’ve been making music for as long as I could remember. He’s always been there for me when nobody else was and we shared an unbreakable bond.

Landon we met when we were sixteen and serious about starting a band. Landon was new at school and seemed pretty reserved, but behind the guitar he was a master beast, we learned this by accidently walking in the music room and there he was, killing it. He had a beer in his hand, arms plain as day. The only tattoo he had was behind one of his calves, a dagger with a ruby gem at the top. He hair was shaved buzzcut and he was starting to grow a beard. We became friends very fast and our love for music brought us all closer together once we started to play.

“Thanks for keeping him locked up in that room again Syd,” Landon said taking a large gulp of his beer wiping his mouth with the back of his hands.

“Hey don’t blame me, he wouldn’t let go.” She defended herself throwing me under the bus.

“Wait one second,” I said lifting the beer trying to put my pointer finger up at the same time. “If you guys were in the room with this beautiful beast, which you never will. But hypothetically speaking, you wouldn’t keep your hands off of her either. So to defend myself, it was all her fault.”

She smacked my stomach, making me groan at the contact doubling back a little. I couldn’t help but laugh. “You jackass,” she said with a grin on her face.

Just then my phone vibrated in my pocket. Handing her the beer I reached in my shorts for my phone seeing that I got a message. “Hey guys Matty will be here in five,” I informed the guys.

Sydney handed me the beer and in seconds myself and the guys finished our beers throwing the bottles in the recycle bin. All walking to the door at the same time we started to gather up our equipment that we left by the door. Syd grabbed my guitar from my back as I helped the guys carry out the rest of our stuff like wires, microphone, and three duffel bags with clean clothes. Once we went downstairs Matty was just pulling up, so we all worked together to make everything fit for the ride.

Matty was a skinny guy with a massive amount of ink on his body. I honestly think that everything that was skin on him was tattooed; he was also a walking fashion contradiction. From his plaid tight pants with suspenders hanging from the back, to the dirty holey t-shirt he was wearing, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t dirty it just looked like it. His hair was blonde down the middle, which was long enough for a mohawk and the sides of his head were shaved bald. He was a great guy and one hell of a fucking drummer. Landon saw some of Matty’s videos online and realized he lived in Cali. So we contact him, we realized that he only lived about fifteen minutes from us. That’s when the band was complete. I was seventeen years old.

Once we were done, the guys were in the van and I was outside holding Sydney around the waist. I pressed my forehead against her, inhaling her scent, which was my cologne…fresh and earthy. I love when she smells like me. “I’ll call you when we get there,” I told her.

With her arms around my neck she stood on her tippy toes pulling my lips towards hers. I love how she was so short compared to my six foot-two broad frame. When our lips touched it was a simple kiss with no tongue but filled with so much passion. “You do that, and make sure you drive safe.” She told me breaking apart from our kiss.

“Hurry lovebirds,” Brad said sticking his head out of the window.

Sydney chuckled, “I love you and behave.”

“I love you too baby,” I kissed her cheek and went inside the van closing the door as she stood there waving us bye.

“Fuck, you guys are so sickening. You’re suppose to be hardcore Link,” Matty said in the drivers seat.

I leaned back on some of the equipment trying to get comfortable. “Shut the fuck up dude. You were like that with what’s her face before. You thought you were in…what’s it called guys?”

“Love.” Brad, Landon and myself said in unison.

The laughter in the car was loud and boisterous. Whenever we got together we love to fuck around and joke. Matty really did date some chick for like three weeks and claimed to love her. She was of course only a groupie, someone who saw one of our videos on Youtube and came to a show that we were performing at. After the fucking was done they broke up and he was upset about it. Every now and then he would find a chick, things wouldn’t work out, then he went back to fucking anything with a sexy pair of legs. Pretty sure that’s how things are going out tonight. We’ve been waiting for this night ever since Lazy Boy from Jonas Arc called us asking us if we could fill a spot, of course we jumped on it. That was about two months ago.

“Are you guys ready for tonight?” Brad asked.

Matty was tapping the steering wheels as though he had sticks in his hands; Landon was in the back with me strumming his guitar softly with headphones in his ears. I also had my headphones on listening to Avenged Sevenfold “Welcome to the Family” on low volume when Brad asked that question.

I pulled one headphone from my ear, “of course. I’m fuckin’ siked.”

“Hell yeah there’s going to be chicks everywhere,” Matty said still drumming the steering wheel to the beat on the radio Crossfade “Cold” was playing.

“Fuck yeah massive chicks to bang. Maybe I’ll have two tonight. One sucking my balls while I ride the other one all the way to fuckin’ New York,” Landon said out of nowhere pretending to fuck the air. I just shook my head at him, “what asshole? Look it’s not my fault you have a girlfriend. You know how many chicks want a piece of you only because you have a girl?”

“Doesn’t matter. My dick stays in my pants.” I told them all holding onto my shaft.

“Yeah, yeah.” Matty said.

“Well I’m fucking excited for the music and the bitches.” Brad said reaching in the cooler handing everyone a beer except for Matty. He handed him a bottle of water.

He held it up looking at it like it was going to give him a disease, “what the fuck is this? I want a beer.”

“You’re fuckin’ driving. The last thing we need is to pull over.” I tapped his shoulder.

“Bullshit, in a little someone is going to be driving with beer in there system would it really matter if I have one fuckin’ beer now or later?” he did have a point.

Brad reached the cooler grabbing a beer snatching the water in Matty hands and replaced it with the beer bottle. We all clicked beers and took a sip enjoying the ride of a lifetime. Putting the headphone back on I can’t stop thinking about Sydney. I mean I could do without her for about a day but I could admit that I have it bad with her. She is the only girl that has been in my life. If she could she would’ve been here with me, enjoying this with me. But instead she had to take care of her little cousin because of her mother. Her fuckin’ mother was a total bitch. She always tried to keep us apart, every chance she got.

We use to play in the garage at her place. Her mother was married and divorce some dude. Once they divorce she got some money and got a nice house. At first she told Sydney that it would be fine for us to play at her house, it was a wonderful space and the sound was amazing. After a year her mother wouldn’t stop fucking bitching and complaining to Sydney. She kept it from me until I heard her mother yelling at her about the music being loud or some shit. She didn’t like that I had quite a few tattoos and in a rock band. We yelled when we sang but we also played soft ballads. So that’s when we found the place down the road from our apartment.

We would record our music and post videos on Youtube (that was Sydney’s idea), even before we started to play as a band. Who would’ve thought that being on the Internet would help spread your talent. It was something we love to do and if we got notice then that was cool but we did it because we love music and everything about it. So far the people who has heard our music and into this genre loved it, and it matters what they say; the fans. Nobody wants to hear that their music sucks.

Copyright Denise Muniz


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    When will Flaming Sons be out? Can’t wait to read it!

    • Denise Muniz · May 19, 2015

      don’t know yet, trying to get editing done 🙂

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