I am so flipping excited that I am going to (hopefully) release my book on the 15th. this is assuming I know how to do all of these things. I already feel like pulling my hair.



Here For You
Here For You

Rebecca Miller was only sure of one thing in her life and that was staying close to her Dad. After years and years of moving around Rebecca finally found stability in her life with her best friend, James. But once her dad’s illness escalated and the lines between friendship and
something more began to blur with James, her life started to plummet out of control fast.

James Walker spoke his mind, which got him into a lot of trouble in his younger years. However, when he met Becca she was like a breath of fresh air, like everything he’d always wanted but didn’t feel good enough for. Not wanting to cross the line of friendship James found himself sleeping around with anyone but Becca while pushing away thoughts of wanting more from her.

When Becca began to start hiding something it put a heavy strain on their friendship.Will there relationship be strong enough to face those life changing events?


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