I can’t believe I haven’t written in like FOREVER!!!!! I’ve been busy, taking care of sick kids, dealing with my son in 1st grade, and I just got sick myself. Oh yeah and I’m working on another book.

It’s funny because when I was little i thought “Man the day is taking forever to be over” and now that I am older I’m like “DAMN WHERE DID THE DAY GO!” Someone please tell me how that works.

I haven’t been reading and if I don’t pick that up I am not going to reach my goal of 100 books this year- IM AT 80!.

But some perks is that I BELIEVE I have a release date and if you actually read this it’s (early) November. I thought I would release it on my ‘5 Yr Wedding Anny’ which I’m extremely excited about.

Well I am going to try try try my best to keep up with my blogs and still try to figure out how to use it because apparently I suck at it.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Day/Night

Chao for now

ps- links for my books on GOODREADS!


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