Finished/the 23rd

I am Totally:



I can’t believe that I am having a COVER REVEAL soon (hopefully if all goes well the 23rd.

And! I finished my book! i send my few chapters to my amazing editor and I’m so excited for it. Than its just Revising/Edits and I’m completely done!
This is a big thing for me: I never ever never ever finish anything. I always try the diet=fail. exercise=fail. previous stories I’ve tried writing=fail.

This is just Amazing & I’m so happy. I should be freaking out more but I’m sorta calm (sorta), oh who am I kidding IM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT lol.

The only sucky thing is that my charger for Ipad has broken and I just ordered a new one and I feel so disconnected from the social world. I can’t check my facebook or my IG anything. I mean it’s not the end of the world but I miss my texting as well.

Ok well besides me looking like this:

outChao for now!


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