*Happy Dance* Thought

Full on Happy Dance is going on! I can’t believe how things are working out and it’s because I have amazing friends by my side to help this noob out.
I had/have no idea what I am doing but people are so nice to answer my questions and I appreciate it so much. I’m truly grateful.
So I am working with an amazing woman/blog to do my Cover Reveal and I’m uber freaking excited & nervous at the same time. Praying all goes well we are aiming for the 23rd *biting my nails*.

I guess mad shit goes through your head in terms of
-“will others like my cover”
-“will they not understand the meaning behind it even after they read”
-People are negative, what neg thing would they say about it (not about the design because Monica is fucking amazing) but just my thought process behind it.

BUT: it doesn’t really matter right? I mean as long as I am happy with it (and I’m flipping Happy about it) then it’s ok.
not everybody will love the same thing you do. OMG everything is coming together and I can’t wait to be holding my book in my hands.


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