Cover/Cast OMG What a Good Day!

Holy Shit!

Can I say how much I love my book cover! I mean you my lovely lady are a genius and it is way beyond what I expected. It’s perfect to me and I LOVE it!!! Like i can seriously CRY from Happiness

Oh wait I did that already lol…..

I just need to get things get together and I am planning on doing a Cover Reveal. & not only that but I am going to put my synopsis on GR as soon as I am done writing this.

Now I just need to be uber close to done and I will be doing a happy chicken dance!

And did you hear, of course you did the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey is revealed.

As a avid book reader and lover Christian Grey is a boyfriend of mines and I’m so excited. And for Charlie Hunnam to play the role of Christian is amazing! I can totally see him as a DOM! Dakota idk who she is or where she acted but with makeup and hair color I’m sure they can make her look young.

With with those two big news in one day I would say that today was Spectacular.

Chao for NowPs- look out for the Cover reveal Event!


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