Author Pages


I just set up my GoodReads Author Page and I am in shock!!!!! like OMG seriously


I just can’t believe this. I mean I only thought about stuff like this. It was only a Thought! and now it’s becoming a reality. How did I get so blessed!?!

I am about 80% done with my story and I am…speechless

I am going to get writing and see how much I can work out…Which I am nervous about now! I don’t know why but I am…It’s not that I don’t like it because I am so satisfied with what I have so far (loving it actually) it’s just what if nobody at all likes it…I mean I’m hoping at least one person out there would love it…but I am just doing it to myself. lol (the little people in my brain are going nuts lol)
“There is no wrong to write your own book”! a wise sis-in-law told me (hehe) love you Lily!

Ok I am done I am going into the Writing Cave

Chao for now!ps-happy


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