Finding multiple ones

Ok so I am on the fence…. Let me tell you why!

I guess I’ll just say I am a little afraid. I mean a lot comes when u write ur own book (boy don’t I know) but I think it’s the group of people u have around u…..ur readers… Those people that u have read ur book!!!!

Now I think finding someone u trust with ur work alone is tough! People can be shady and u can’t help but think they might steal ur work….I sure as hell hope not we all love books so peace and love…..

What I’m saying is finding that person or a couple people to read it and give u there review on it. And I’m not talking about oh it’s really good! Like I’m afraid to ask a friend to read my chapter 1 because they just might tell me they love it when in reality they hated it! Or if theres mutliple grammatical errors or spelling and they don’t day anything! I have one beta-reader but with only her comments I don’t want to it to be based on only her comment (she’s awesome btw) but besides her and my editor I don’t have anyone else to give me feedback….so what do I do? I have no freaking idea?!?!?!!!?!

I’m afraid to send it to someone I know but I’m also afraid to send it to someone I know…I’m so confused.

Well that was the only thing on my mind!

Chao for now (it’s 1:31am) wtflip am I still doing up ✌


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