Get The Writing

It’s what I need to do and I’m hoping

its good

I get the weirdest idea at the most random times lol…..Like i was driving and heard a song and I could see my character singing to it and I started to laugh (Yes I’m that crazy lady lol)….

I havent written in a few days (weekends are hard to do anything I want to do…I don’t even bother Full dedication to the hubs he doesn’t work on the weekends and I love to spend time with him…..

So I’m uber excited (let’s get back to why you are here right lol)……I hoping to be done with my book within in the next week or so (not including edits or a shit load of re-reads then the beta-readers) yeah you get it….I just purchased the photo for my bookcover and I am freaking excited about that
happy dance

An Amazing talented artist is going to work on it for me, although I don’t have a blurb but it’s ok I’ll have one soon Woohoo!!!! So let me get the working another 1:00am late night coming my way. Chao for Now!!


One comment

  1. The Urban Book Thief · August 6, 2013

    Good luck with the book and can’t wait to see the cover reveal šŸ™‚

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