Title for my book


Title: Here For You

That is what I am naming my book!!!!!! So excited to be able to say it to the world (or at least to whoever is reading this! Or saw on my author page on Facebook or my IG)
Fb page: Author Denise Muniz

So yes these are my main two characters Becca (the chick) & James (my man) lol
Ill add sub characters later but I made this for the cover pic in my FB page!

I was so nervous to do this but you know I have to do it regardless so why not now! I’m very satisfied with the name and how my book is coming along. UBER EXCITED!!!

Well I got about 2,500 words in today! Why can’t I just speak and the computer write everything with me having to lift a finger only to edit!!!! That would be to easy that’s right hahahahaha

Ok well it’s almost 1:00am and I’m exhausted

Chao for now!!!


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