Seriously Jess!!!!

Hello. Hello. Hello.
Can u say that I suck at keeping shit up to date!! I swear I’m the worse person to remember shit, it’s always something going on or something I have to freaking do! Ugh. That comes with the job I guess…right? Lol

Anyways I am more then a little halfway through my book (tongue twister lol) but yeah I’m uber excited because I am pretty positive I’m going to finish. No scratch that I AM GOING TO FINISH!

I’ve been working on a title and some ideas on how I want the cover to look like. But I feel like I doing it too early! Is there ver a to early? Nah I don’t think so lol…. Anyways once I get things settle and love it (because I’m picky as Shit!) I hope to release it and have a date.

I originally wanted it to be done by August 3 but that doesn’t look likes working….yeah easier said then done. I thought I would be finished but everything in between, things aren’t looking that close. Close but not that close (did I just say that twice *shrugs*).

Hopefully ill find a pic I like and add some quotes from my book to it! I’m not sure yet? *thinking*

So yeah I am going to TRY my best to keep up with this blog. I NEED to keep up with this blog. Jess you will keep up with this BLOG….

Also I’m thinking of using my middle name as my author name…still thinking about that one hahaha….

Ok so chao for now!!!


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