Holy Cannoli


cheers everyone….I have been gone a awhile but I am finding myself slowly…. I am so determined this time around and I want to thank my editor…it’s actually happening because of her whether she knows it or not….I feel good when she asks me to send over a chapter so she can see through it…thank you my love. I love you very much so!!!!!!! And I appreciate everything you are doing for me muahzzzzzz

There are so many social network things and it’s mind boggling, especially for me.. It’s like “when do I have the time to do everything” if you think a SAHM does nothing, you are so wrong. Before I know it, it’s the end of the day and all the things I anted to do I couldn’t because there wasn’t enough time. I know Story of our Lives!!!!

But the book is actually going good. I am hoping to be finish with it by August 3…. That’s the plan so I hope my book will be in my hands by the end of August beginning of September… Woohoo happy dance…..

I will be doing my best to keep writing which is what I’m doing now….I’m at about over 30000 words which is so freaking cool for me…..

Chao for now!!!!


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