Holas; I’M BACK (i hope)


Wowzerzzzzzzzz……i have had a crazy month thus far…I’ve been crazy busy with either the kids, Bennett project, or going out. its like i dont have time to do stuff anymore. i havent even wrote could you believe it…..and i don’t like it one bit…


so hopefully after everything settles down i can finally concentrate , breathe, and write….. and this will come to no shock but I have yet ANOTHER idea!!!!!! i swear its like my brain is on overload with book ideas and I cant finish one….Although I am trying my best….I plan on writing…writing…writing…..


Hopefully the hubs will understand meaning I wont be sleeping at night much since i will be up writing lol…im sure he will (or he better hahaha)

Well nothing interesting is going on really….ive been on a book coma break as well so i havent really been doing much of that either…im all over the place….i will be back on when i have written 5000 words i need to get the ball rolling.I CAN DO THIS!!!!





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