Been a while

Ugh let me start off by saying the weekends are the busiest…..I am always doing something plus when my husband is home I don’t like to read or write because I feel like I’m not spendin time with him so with that said the weekends are busy! Lol.
But I do have a confession and I’m pissed at myself lol because I have yet ANOTHER book idea ugh….what the heck is wrong with my damn brain….GOOD thing is I’m up to 30000 words on one so I actually think I’m going to finish one very soon, maybe another month or so then the ball can roll…..but yeah I have another idea and I love this idea cause it deals with shit now a days….
I also haven’t been blogging when u have so many social networks everything scrambles and I lose my mind just a little hehe.
But I am going to try and keep up, it’s tough man 😉
So the good thing is i did write last night and plan to do so every night when I can since some things are over with I can focus.
Thanks for reading my boring blog hahaha (at least today was boring lol)
Chao for now ✌


One comment

  1. succubire · May 29, 2013

    I feel you on that, my biggest problem is finishing stories! After reading so many books, watching so many movies and tv shows and then everyday life your mind wanders and your coming up with so many ideas on your head that your itching to start when you haven’t even finished the one your on! I have at least five unfinished stories. I just cant help it! I guess that’s called #WriterGirlProblems lol

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