Don’t Worry What They Say

Finally I get to get on my blog. let me just say having two kids and waiting for one to take a nap so I am able to do this is cray-cray. but here I am writing here instead of working on my books. which I am going to work on later because I have a great feeling my kids will sleep early tonight, or at least I am hoping for that.

So yesterday I was writing one of my 4 books and as I am writing I am always thinking will someone actually like this. I just recently read a book that I didn’t like to much but others did and I cant help but think, “damn these authors put themselves out here and here I am not liking a book.” I mean there’s always a chance that someone will not like it, because lets face it: everybody is different.

I think that’s why I stopped writing a while ago because I was afraid of what people think about my writing especially those close to me. or even how they would look at me after reading. happy? embarrassed? or how about those they tell you love it when they really don’t because they feel bad… I want the truth Damnit!

I mean you read book like fsog, or bared to you and people all around say that’s straight up PORN. but us readers see it as a beautiful love story with sex which im pretty sure all of us adult have sex, and our relationship is love. so why bash a book that has that?

would people think that of my book if it includes sex?

but then I got to the GOOD PART….. as long as it comes from your heart and you are happy with what you put out there some of those people who rate your book 1 star or say harsh things about you shouldnt matter, because there is always someone out there who will love it (I hope). I have rated books 1 stars but I would never say anything negative about it just (it’s not my cup of tea.)

so I will continue this journey to writing my books and I will finish. I mean I need to do something with my life, why not do something I love to do. Make stories so other people can read because I love to read and knowing that someone will be reading my book one day; its crazy!


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  1. zjaded1 · May 18, 2013

    I couldn’t agree with your concerns more! The thought of people judging my book terrifies me. Everyone has told me how much they love it, but they are all friends. A perfect stranger isn’t going to care about hurting my feelings. But, the way I see it? I wrote it for myself. I wrote what I wanted to write as it played out in my head. I love it and that’s all that matters. If other people feel the tiniest bit of enjoyment from it then that’s a bonus. Besides, for them one star books you reviewed how many people gave it five? Everyone’s different.
    I personally cannot wait to read all five of your books. I will buy the ebook, the paperback, and then I’ll be hunting you down to get it signed! Hehe!

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