Why I won’t be reading Grey….

So of course we all know….well all the FSOG fans know that Mr. Grey’s POV book is being released JUNE 18th 2015. Woohoo…right?…Maybe not.


I won’t be reading the book….

Should I read to just be disappointed on reading the exact same thing from fifty shades of grey told by Anastasia Steele pov. Yes, i know there will be some different things but all around it’ll be the same thing. Right? I’m sure we will have some insight into his feeling about her, maybe his family and his druggie birth-mother. But tell me, how much difference will it be??

I read Thoughtful, POV written in Kellan Kyle’s and it was…BAD. I couldn’t even finish it. I’ve read This Girl, Pov told by Will Cooper from the Slammed series, I enjoyed it but again it’s the same thing. I didn’t bother with Jamie McGuire’s Pov told by Travis of Beautiful Disaster because again it was the same story told.

I am not going to read a pov of the same book told originally by the female and now by the males. Dual POV people!. So many of us fans wants these things and when we get them we realize that it should’ve stood as an original. It’s like making a second movie to something that was spectacular and you watch it thinking it will be EPIC and it becomes a failure.

Stop trying to make money from something that was Great. It won’t help the franchise, unless you do it differently and I don’t see how you tell the exact same story from someone’s other thought when you inserted her thoughts of him in the story being pretty damn accurate.

It would be funny if this bit me in the ass and the book is different….If I do read reviews about how different it is I will read it but with all the hype I won’t. Being included in the hype you tend to agree with someone you wouldn’t originally agree with. I like Christian Grey as a character but I just don’t see how this book will do. Plus, the cover—-could’ve been better.

ShadowHunters & trying to Study?!

So SHADOW HUNTER will be soon (well I say soon but it’ll be a while JANUARY)
I am loving all the photos the actors, producer, people in the show showing all the juicy things. I love the photos, I love the characters, i love the actors they choose. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!!.

I am super duper uber excited for it…Can you tell?!


Studying?! Not so good. I tried to go to the library today to study with my 3 year old!!!! Didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. He kept saying how he wanted to go home. He wanted me to read to him. He wanted to use the bathroom. He wanted to go home.

It was not good at all. I need to study for my TEAS V and I can’t with him in the room. The only thing is, he’s done with school so he is always with me. I wonder how this is going to work!!!!???!! But I WILL make it work!!!!.

Well that’s it for today….

oh Btw I am 8 chapters into my paranormal novel!!! i’m taking a small break right now from it then I am going to read it over and see how it sounds. Plus side- I love how it’s still coming out, can’t get the thought out of my head.

So I was thinking…Cause I do that sometimes

So I was thinking.. Cause I do that sometimes about becoming a trendy author.

I’m not say authors do this it’s just for me and my opinion. But when I write, sometimes I think I should write things with “sex” and more “sex” in them just to get recognized.
Like maybe I should write about a Billionaire, BDSM, Playboy, Fighter, Alpha, Asshole male. Then maybe some ladies will read my book.

I mean everywhere I turn it’s covers of half-naked guys…Ok don’t get me wrong Im not saying it’s bad, but is it necessary. Do I have to have a cover with 8-packs glossing my pages for someone to pick it up.

I have to admit…I can’t write sex scenes….WHY?….because there’s only so many way you can describe sex in a book. Or even spankings, or whips, or flogging, or anything.

Sex in books has become so overrated….Thumb down…..but still I feel the need to get noticed by having sex in my book. And not like OMG popular but at least maybe my book friends will read.

I feel like after FSOG which I absolutely love (keep your opinions to yourself) everything is warping into something more. It really upsets me to see someone say they love a book that has no meaning behind it just a bunch of angry-sex with an ASSHOLE of an Alpha male and a chick is scare so she’s busy running away from him when all he wants is for her to love him.

I don’t know and I think I am finally able to push past those things and make my boo for me. A paranormal romance filled with angels and demons. Filled with anger and love. Filled with fights and hugs. Yes I am writing for me because I love to do and whoever wants to read my books, I’m writing for you!

This is not to offend anyone but this is my thoughts and anyone who feels like this as an author. It;s okay ❤

Flaming Sons

Denise Muniz

Hurry Up

Class is so boring. I just want go home and play my damn guitar. Why do I need to pay attention to this garbage anyway? Why does a twelve year old need to know about Columbus and how wonderful he was? Man, that guy stole this place from the Indians and ain’t nobody teaching me otherwise. Maybe if I put my head down I can catch a nap before the next class? I cross my arms on the desktop, making a nice cushion for my head, but before I can rest someone throws something at the back of my head. What the hell? Turning around, I see my best friend, Brad, looking at his desk and ripping a piece of paper before rolling it into a ball. That jerk. When he looks up he sees me and smiles. Turning back around, I grab whatever paper I can find…

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Well….it’s only been forever and so much things have changed.

Firstly, I am officially a college student going for nursing degree. I want to become a Maternity Nurse. With that being said I completed my first year with a GPA of 3.51. Not to bad for someone who hasn’t been in school in 10 years!.

Also I have a small part-time job.

Of course I have a husband and 2 kids. So I’m a busy bee!

Ok so…..Writing…..Where do I begin. I haven’t been doing much of anything. I did however finish FLAMING SONS but I need it edited and I suck at editing and I have to admit, EDITING COST MAD MONEY!!!!!! So I’ve ben pushing it back, but hopefully something will change soon. Know any editors :).

Well I am going to try and write more. I want to mix this with being a nursing student/author. So hopefully I can help those who want to get into school for nursing and of course writer, readers, authors or whoever wants to see my post.

Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ll be posting things soon!!!!!